Sales Regulations online store


Chapter 1. General provisions
§ 1

  1. The regulations specify:
    1. rules for concluding Purchase Agreements for the sale of Goods on the website of the online store,
    2. the Seller's obligations to the Customer,
    3. the rights and obligations of the Customer arising from the implementation of the Purchase Agreement, taking into account the rules of complaint procedure.  
  2. is an online store available in the domain, led by  FARETTI SP. Z O.O.   with its registered office in Nysa, ul. Orkana 4, 48-300 Nysa,, NIP 753-245-49-75, REGON 384926398
  3. All Goods available in the online store   are brand new, free from physical and legal defects, and have been legally placed on the Polish market.
  4. All prices listed in the online store are gross prices (including VAT).
  5. A VAT invoice or non-fiscal receipt is issued by the Seller for each sold good. When placing the order, the Customer is obliged to indicate whether a VAT invoice or non-fiscal receipt is to be issued for the Goods.
  6. Non-fiscal receipt is sent electronically.
  7. A VAT invoice may be delivered electronically to the e-mail address provided by the Customer, unless the Customer clearly indicates that the VAT invoice should be delivered in a traditional form.

§ 2

  1. The terms used in these Regulations mean:
  • Price list   - a list of Goods sold by the online store along with prices.
  • Customer   - a natural person, legal person or organizational unit without legal personality, which concludes a purchase purchase agreement with the online store.
  • Account - a customer profile created in the online store, in which data is collected and information about the Customer regarding his activities in the online store.
  • Regulations  - the following Sale Regulations of the online store.
  • Dealer – FARETTI SP. Z O.O.  with its registered office in Nysa, ul. Orkana 4, 48-300 Nysa,, NIP 753-245-49-75, REGON 384926398
  • Agreement  - Goods Purchase Agreement, concluded via the online store between the Customer and the Seller.
  • Commodity  - every item that is the subject of sale through the online store. The full product offer is available on the website

2. With respect to the customer:

a) in the case of natural persons - the customer can only be a person with full legal capacity,

b) in the case of a legal person and an organizational unit without legal personality, all activities of this entity can only be carried out by a person who is authorized to perform on behalf of this the subject of all activities in accordance with the rules of representation.

§ 3

  1. The customer has the option of using the online store by registering and thus creating an Account, in which data and information about the Customer are collected regarding his activities in the online store.
  2. In order to register the creation of an Account, the Customer completes the registration form by providing the following data:
  • e-mail adress ,
  • login password
  1. A message will be sent to the Customer's email address on the registration form indicating how to confirm the registration and other information required by law.
  2. Upon confirmation of registration, a contract is concluded regarding the keeping of an Account between the Customer, and the Seller, whose subject are services provided by the Seller under the conditions set out in the Regulations.
  3. After confirming registration, the customer can edit his profile by placing it in the appropriate tabs of your data, i.e. name and surname.
  4. The customer may agree to receive information about new products and promotions (newsletter) voluntarily.


Chapter 2. Orders and conclusion of the contract
§ 4

  1. The information on the website of the online store does not constitute an offer within the meaning of the Civil Code.
  2. The customer placing an order using the mechanisms available on the store's website online, submits an offer to buy a specific Good under the conditions specified in the Good description.
  3. Orders can be placed by purchasing the Good via the online store website.
  4. The condition of the order is that the customer provides data that allows verification of the customer and recipient of the goods.
  5. The seller reserves the right to refuse an order, limit the payment method or request prepayment if the order raises justified doubts as to the veracity and reliability of the data provided or the method of payment.
  6. If the customer has chosen instant transfer and will not pay within 5 business days and not he will contact the store with information about the possible late arrival, such an order will be canceled. 
  7. Regardless of the method of placing the order, information is binding for both the Seller and the Customer contained on the online store website next to the purchased Goods at the time of placing the order, in in particular: its price, product characteristics, its features, elements included in the set, date and method of delivery.

§ 5

  1. The customer purchasing the Good through online store, after the final selection of the Good to be purchased, is directed to the online form used to place orders in the online store.
  2. The customer is obliged to make:

the size of the Good,

number of items.

3. After placing the order via the online store, the Customer is obliged to confirm :

  • Designations and values ​​of the ordered Goods,
  • Chosen delivery method,
  • The chosen payment method.

§ 6

  1. For the ordered Goods, the Seller charges the price according to the prices contained on the website of the online store at the time of placing the order.
  2. The entity providing online payment services is Blue Media S.A.
  3. Available payment methods that can be used to make payments:
    Payment cards:

    • Visa
    • Visa Electron
    • MasterCard
    • MasterCard Electronic
    • Maestro
  4. Payments are handled by PayLane sp.z o.o. with its registered office in Gdańsk at ul. Norwida 4, zip code: 80-280, KRS: 0000227278.
  5. In the event that a refund is required for a transaction made by the customer with the card
    payment seller made a refund to the bank account assigned to the
    Purchaser's payment card.
  6. To receive a chargeback, the customer must contact the seller in advance to clarify the matter
  7. In the case of card payments, the order processing time is counted from the positive transaction authorization.
  8. If the customer chooses the method of payment by bank transfer or payment card, the delivery time calculated from the date of crediting the Seller's bank account or settlement account.
  9. The online store offers the possibility of delivering the purchased goods via courier or via Poczta Polska (courier or postal service).

§ 7

  1. The order form consists of component forms for determining:
  • Customer Data (specifying the name)
  • Providing the customer's telephone number,
  • Confirmation of the Customer's email address
  • User account type - private person / company,
  • Customer's address,
  • Acceptance of the provisions of these Regulations.
  1. A correctly completed order form requires that all fields marked with an asterisk are completed
  2. The Seller is not responsible for providing incorrect data by the Buyer.
  3. The client's acceptance of all data formally marking the transaction and the order is registered in the system as accepted for execution.
  4. Once the order is confirmed, the Sale Agreement is effectively concluded between the online store and the customer.
  5. The seller has the right to place the store logo on graphic designs.


Chapter 3. Right to cancel an order

§ 8

  1. The customer has the right to cancel the order until the Good is sent.
  2. In order to exercise the right to cancel the order, the Customer is obliged notify the Seller by phone or e-mail about the use of the above rights.
  3. In the event of prepayment and cancellation, refund of money paid to the customer's account takes place immediately, at the latest within 10 business days. The waiting time for a refund depends on the way it is carried out.

§ 9

1. In the absence of the ordered Goods in stock, the Seller reserves reserves the right to withdraw from the Sales Agreement or its partial implementation, informing the customer about it at the same time, presenting possible variants to choose from:

a. expected article availability,

b. the anticipated waiting period,

c. replacement product

2. The customer has the right to withdraw in the situation described in paragraph 1 from the Contract and refund of the amount due, regardless of the variants presented by the Seller. 


Chapter 4. Order processing

§ 10

  1. The ordered Goods together with the confirmation of the conclusion of the contract are delivered to the Customer in the manner indicated by the Customer and in the place indicated by the Customer when placing the order.
  2. The ordered Goods are delivered to the Customer immediately, however this period may be from 2 to 14 business days, counting from the date of confirmation of the order, unless another date is agreed.
  3. The delivery date depends on the carrier.
  4. The Seller has the right to demand the return of the return shipment costs from the Customer if he sends it ordered Goods to the address indicated in the order, and the Customer will not collect it. The customer may be released from liability by showing that he did not collect the parcel through no fault of his own.

§ 11

  1. In a situation where the Goods delivered by the supplier have traces of use, the Customer should above all, require the carrier to draw up an appropriate report.
  2. The customer in the situation described in paragraph 1 should direct the complaint to the carrier.
  3. Regardless of the right to make a complaint to the carrier of the Good, the Customer has the right to direct his claims to the Seller.

§ 12

  1. In the event of non-compliance of the data provided, the Seller has the right to refuse order processing, of which the customer is immediately informed.
  2. In special situations, the Seller has the right to refuse to process an order, of which the Customer is immediately informed.


Chapter 5. Quality guarantee of the Goods

§ 13

  1. The Seller guarantees that all offered Goods are of legal origin. The product has a warranty assigned from the manufacturer, of which the customer is informed upon receipt or possibly by e-mail.
  2. Goods purchased from the Seller are provided with a 2 (two) year warranty.
  3. The guarantee for the sold Goods does not exclude, limit or suspend the Customer's rights arising from from the Act on specific conditions of consumer sales and amending the Civil Code (Journal of Laws No. 141, item 1176 of 2002)


Chapter 6. Right to withdraw from the contract

§ 14

  1. The customer, upon receipt of the ordered Goods, has the right to withdraw from the contract without giving any reason.
  2. In order to exercise the right of withdrawal, the Customer is obliged to submit an appropriate letter statement of withdrawal from the contract within 14 days from the date of receipt of the ordered goods and together with the returned goods send them to the Seller's address.
  3. The cost of returning the Goods to the Seller in the event of withdrawal from a distance contract shall be borne by the Customer, unless the Seller has agreed to bear it - after prior contact.
  4. The customer withdrawing from the contract is not only entitled to a refund of the price of the Good, but also its cost shipping incurred with the purchase (shipping items from the Seller to the Customer) - up to the amount corresponding to the cheapest shipping option available in the given offer.

§ 15

  1. In the event of withdrawal from the contract, the contract is considered void and the customer is released from all obligations.
  2. Seller immediately, no later than within 14 days of receipt of the statement The Customer about the withdrawal from the contract together with the ordered Good, returns all to the Customer payments made by him, including delivery costs.
  3. The seller refunds using the same payment method, that the Customer used, unless he explicitly agrees to a different return method which does not incur any costs for him.


Chapter 7. Personal data protection

§ 16

  1. Customer data can only be used for the purpose and on the principles set out in the Act of August 29, 1997. about personal data protection.
  2. The seller ensures strict protection of personal data provided by the customer and use only for purposes related to store orders and promotions.
  3. By placing an order and providing his personal data, the customer agrees to use of this data on the principles set out in the Act and these Regulations.


Chapter 8. Complaints procedure

§ 17

  1. The Customer has the right to complain about the Good, depending on the occurrence of a good defect.
  2. The customer, exercising the right to make a complaint, is obliged to choose the basis for lodging a complaint:
    1.   warranty (if granted)
    2.  guarantee.
  4. In order to exercise the right to make a complaint, the Customer is obliged to deliver the defective goods to the Seller's address at his own expense.
  5. After choosing the law on the basis of which the complaint will be submitted, the Customer is obliged to carefully describe the observed defect in the Good and specify the request in accordance with the possible choices provided for the given procedure (warranty or warranty).
  6. The customer is obliged to submit a complaint in writing
  7. To make a complaint, you need proof of purchase - receipt or invoice or other proof of transaction.

§ 18

  1. Complaints about defective Goods may be submitted by the Customer to the Seller, if the Seller has voluntarily set his obligations and their duration.

§ 19

  1. If the customer chose the warranty as the basis for pursuing his claims, then the Seller's liability for defective Goods lasts 2 years from the date of its release.
  2. The customer is obliged to notify the seller of the defect and specify your claim under the warranty within one year of noticing it.
  3. In the event that the Customer exceeds the one-year period from the date of detecting the defect, the claim will expire.

§ 20

  1. The seller has 14 days to respond to the complaint.
  2. If the Seller does not respond to the complaint in the box specified in paragraph 1 deadline, then he considers the client's request justified.
  3. As a result of a complaint submitted under the warranty, the Seller may make: 

a. repair the Good ,

b. exchange of Goods ,

c. reduce the price of the Good ,

d. withdrawal from the contract

4.  The customer has the right to demand a price reduction or withdrawal from the contract, unless the Seller immediately and without excessive inconvenience to the customer will replace the defective product free from defects or remove the defect.

5.In each of the above cases, when the implementation of the client's requests involves the delivery of a new or the repaired Good, delivery costs shall be borne by the Seller.

6. Regardless of the manner in which the right to complain is exercised, the Customer has the right to request the Seller to remedy the damage he has suffered suffered due to the purchase of defective goods.


Chapter 9. Final Provisions.

§ 21

  1. In matters not covered by these Regulations, the provisions of Polish law shall apply.
  2. Settlement of any disputes arising between the Seller and the Customer who is a consumer is submitted to the competent courts in accordance with the provisions of the relevant provisions of the Code of Civil Procedure.

 § 22

  1. The Regulations enter into force on 01/03/2018
  2. The Seller reserves the right to amend the Regulations, which shall enter into force on their date publication on the website of the online store. To contracts concluded before the amendment to the Regulations shall apply to the version of the Regulations in force on the date the Order is placed by the Customer.